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Acqua Corrente is a Pool's Specialist: a recognition reserved solely for the best installers and resellers of Pool's products – the top brand on the Italian market.

Our support for pool projects covers many areas, even during the design stage. There are no limits to the imagination. Acqua Corrente can advise you on the most suitable design for your needs, offering a unique product.

Acqua Corrente takes care of all the phases needed to make your pool a reality, from design to installation and maintenance. We can also work on existing pools, offering both structural remodelling and equipment replacement. We have a large warehouse the stocks all the accessories and chemical products required for complete cleaning of the water and maintenance of the equipment.

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Acqua Corrente s.r.l. - Via dell'Industria 949 - 58022 Follonica (GR) - Tel. 0566 264356 - www.acquacorrente.com - info@acquacorrente.com
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